About Me

My main skill is finding solutions to problems, no matter how abstract they may be. I enjoy working with new technology and am a quick learner when presented with new systems. I would like to work in a fast-paced, environmentally conscious workplace, whether it be a start-up or an established organization. My quick learning and decisive problem-solving skills can undoubtedly make a great addition to any team. In my spare time, I spend my time enjoying music, watching hockey, and developing personal projects.

Areas of Expertise


Why Hire Me?

As an experienced problem solver, I provide solutions to any information systems problems that a business may experience. I pride myself in making sure my work is done correctly and promptly, in both my professional and personal life. My prior experiences working with teams has prepared me to both listen to suggestions from my peers and direct teams as a leader. Even when leading a team, I still have the ability to be personable and cordial with the rest of my group, a skill that I believe delivers better long-term results.

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