Technical Experience:

Student Technician, Penn State Behrend IT Services, Erie, PAAs a Student Technician, I responded to tickets that professors and administrators submitted for various technical related issues. When there were no tickets available, I would engage in other tasks within the department. These responsibilities generally included setting up VDI PCs to be deployed around campus, recording inventory of tech rooms, and building pallets of salvaged equipment to send to University Park.

Help Desk Consultant, Penn State Behrend IT Services, Erie, PAAs an IT Student Consultant, I would work at the help desks around campus assisting students with various technical problems. The errors would generally require simple fixes, with the most common being reinstalling Penn State’s network security application, although some tasks required a bit more work to resolve. I was also able to refine my customer service skills at this position, working with in-person and over the phone assistance.

Leadership and Volunteer Experience:

Junior Councilman, The Borough of Etna, Pennsylvania – As Junior Councilman for Etna, PA, I provided communication between the borough and my school district. In this position I attended council meetings, helped lobby for grants, and helped run community events.

MakerSpace Behrend, Penn State Behrend – As an executive member of the MakerSpace Behrend Club, I was the Lead Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager. In this role, I created the branding for the club as well as all posters and notices for upcoming club events.

Work Experience:

Sales Associate, Toys”R”Us, Robinson, PA I gained experience in nearly every role throughout my time working at Toys”R”Us. My responsibilities included sales, back-of-house, customer service, and more. By working in this position, I was able to learn a lot of the fundamentals needed to be successful in a work environment. The true value of this job was the interactions I had and the benefit those interactions had on my customer service abilities.


Previous Courses

What My Previous Courses Have Taught Me:


I’ve learned quite a bit during my time at Penn State Behrend. The place that I gained the most hands on experience was definitely as a Student Technician at Behrend IT Services. Getting the opportunity to fix hardware and software related issues for faculty afforded me a lot of knowledge. My Advanced Rapid Application Development course also prepared me for my career by providing me with a certification in Mendix and a hands-on agile approach to application development. In the course, we had to complete sprints bi-weekly in order to create a working student management application. My Python course gave me a much better understanding in Python and scripting languages as a whole.

Advice for Incoming Freshman:


If there was one thing that could’ve benefited myself hearing as a Freshman, it would be “Don’t overthink.” Especially during my Freshman year, I remember being overwhelmed with the amount of new experiences and freedoms that college offered, as well as the additional responsibilities. Looking back, some of my only regrets are that I found myself worrying about things that realistically don’t matter by the time you’re a Sophomore, let alone a Senior. Remember to have fun, work hard, and make new friends!