Video Outlining Project

Project Management: Microsoft Project Presentation

My Project Management course required us to learn and utilize Microsoft Project to organize and manage an event that we came up with. I chose to organize a fictional music festival for my hometown. A video outlining the work done in the project is provided to the left and an outline of the project is provided below.


Etna EcoDistrict Music Festival 2021

            Etna, Pennsylvania is a small town of over 3,000 people located just a few minutes outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The location of the town means that thousands of people must drive past it every day in order to commute to work, making it an ideal place for a public event. In addition to its location, Etna recently became the world’s first certified “EcoDistrict”, creating a prime opportunity to promote renewable and sustainable growth to the surrounding communities. The Etna EcoDistrict Music Festival 2021 is currently positioned to be a successful, community driven event once funded.

            To begin with the planning of the event, we broke the tasks down into four distinct phases. The first phase of the event, termed the Pre-Public Phase, focuses on the procurement of venues, artists, and sponsors. These are the most important aspects of the event that must be secured before ticket sales and marketing can begin. Other tasks such as equipment and vendor procurement are also planned to occur during the pre-public phase, however, slack time has been allocated to give more time for these tasks, especially if obtaining a venue or artists takes longer than initially expected. Because the next phase includes marketing, tasks such as venues and artists must be fully finalized and confirmed before we can move onto the initial announcement, currently scheduled for January 1st, 2021.

            The Public Phase encompasses all ticket sales and marketing for the event, as well as any task that is public facing. Social media marketing is the main strategy for getting the word out about the Etna EcoDistrict Music Festival, so a large portion of our public budget is allocated to this. Social media posts will be developed and tracked by an outside advertising agency, allowing us to market the event more efficiently and get a better picture of the demographics of the attendees. With these additional demographics, we can better serve our attendee’s expectations for the next festival. We will also focus on selling as many tickets to the event as possible during this phase.

            Once the Public Phase has wrapped up, the Concert Phase begins with the set-up of the actual event. Some employees will be allocated to labor tasks such as setting up and taking down the event during this phase. The employees that initially helped with artist and vendor procurement will now help assist artists, vendors, and attendees during the event.  As stated previously, employees will be used for the labor needed to take-down and clean up the venue once the festival is finished.

            After the festival has concluded, we will move on to the Review Phase in order to analyze the data gathered from the event. Because we used an advertising agency, we will have a better sense of the demographics of people that engaged with social media posts and attended the event. Another benefit of utilizing an outside marketing firm is that, during the Review Phase, we can send post-event advertisements to our attendees thanking them for attending and inviting them to return next year. Keeping in contact with prior attendees is a key strategy to ensuring the continued success of this event for years to come.

            Overall costs associated with this project are currently estimated to be $48,098, however a majority of that cost comes from the Pre-Public Phase. The Pre-Public phase currently has $34,162 allocated for tasks, with a majority of that money going towards artists and equipment. That funding is also needed for tasks such as asset design and employee pay. The Public Phase requires $6,500 in order to market the event, with $5,000 being allocated to social media advertisements. A budget of just $5,000 in advertisements can lead to the equivalent of nearly 750,000 impressions on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Concert Phase requires $3,500, with all of that funding going to employee labor. Once the event is over, $3,936 is allocated to review the data and evaluate our performance. This funding is also used to market towards event attendees and thank them for attending the festival.

            Ticket sales are unknown at this point, but they will likely not cover the entire costs associated with this event. Using similar events such as the 2014 Oregon Music Festival as a baseline, ticket sales will likely only account for a small portion of the overall expenses. (Oregon) At the Oregon Music Festival, donations were the main source of income, suggesting that we will need to employ a similar strategy. (Oregon) In order to recoup some of the initial costs, sponsor payments and donations will be needed.

            The Etna EcoDistrict Music Festival kindly asks that you consider providing us with the necessary funding in order to accomplish this event. I believe we have laid out an all-encompassing plan in order to show how we will execute this task. On top of that, the costs associated with the funding that we are currently looking for are all necessary and will likely be recouped after the event has been completed. With your funding, we can position the Etna EcoDistrict Music Festival as a successful community event for years to come.